BannerA core part of my job is building relationships and links with Software Companies and NUI Galway. Over the past two years we have developed a number of very successful industry collaborations between NUI Galway and many of Irelands leading Software Development Companies. This has been primarily achieved through the H.Dip in Software Design & Development (Industry Stream) programme.

The new Diploma builds on the existing strengths of collaborative academic-industry interaction in the Galway region, and provides graduates with: (1) a solid foundation in key software design knowledge; (2) a choice of software architecture specialization in either .NET or Java Enterprise; and (3) a guaranteed work placement to gain relevant experience, and so provide the opportunity to kick-start their career as software developers.

Our industry partners have included:

  • Arc Energy,
  • Accenture Consulting,
  • Aspect Software,
  • Ericsson,
  • Cisco,
  • Storm Technologies,
  • Schneider Electric,
  • Netfort,
  • HP,
  • IBM,
  • SolanoTech,
  • Sogeti,
  • Avaya,
  • Fidelity Investments,
  • The Marine Institute,
  • SmartBay,
  • Netfort
  • SAP

Due to the relationships that are being established with these companies, many more knock-on opportunities being identified for future collaboration. If you are interested in participating in any of these iniatives then feel free to contact me and we can discuss opportunities that are available for training, research and collaboration.

How to Apply:

Follow this link and complete Stage 1 of the application process.

Springboard Applications System

We will then be in contact with respect to further stages of completing the application process which will include an interview with our industry partners.