I am regularly seeking suitable applicants that are interested in seeking scholarship funding for MSc, PhD or Post Doctoral research positions. From time to time we have funding secured and will specifically advertise these positions via the university vacancies listings.

We receive a significant amount of spam or generic email queries seeking PhD positions which are highly unlikely to be replied to.

Next Steps:

  1. You should familiarise yourself with my research interests and publications before contacting me.
  2. You should have a strong academic background (First Class Honours) in Computer Science or Engineering from a reputable University.
  3. You should email me a detailed CV that highlights all your previous experience, detailed academic results, awards & acomplishments, and references.
  4. You should also email me a personal statement outlining why you would like to undertake research in NUI Galway and specifically what area of research you are most interested in and why?

I have an excellent track record of mentoring students for funding applications and look forward to hearing from you. If you are interested in coming to Galway to study then please see the video on our vibrant city below to get a sense of our amazing City.

Research Funding Opportunities

Since 2012 I have authored or co-authored a range of funding applications and this has allowed me to expand my research activities significantly. During that period my research group has won over 1 Million Euro of research funding. If you are interested in exploring resarch opportunities then please feel free to discuss this with me. We are particularly interested in discussing Horizon 2020 funding with potential research partners in academia and industry.

A Short Video To Give you a Sense of Galway City and County

This is Galway from bulabosca on Vimeo.